Most CRM platforms available in the market are generic tools structured to fit a broad group of markets and potential customers. As a result, they have some of what you want but they take a lot of customization to get them to really do what you need. The vendors charge you to try to make it fit, or you have to buy 3rd party add-ins to do things like forecasting or document management. It all costs more and it still doesn’t quite fit your workflow and deliver the ROI you need.

NEHANET was designed by semiconductor people to manage a COMPONENT MANUFACTURING business. That means it already has all the parts you need to manage lots of parts, complex quotes, forecasts, reps, distributors, direct sales, product lines, samples, documents, RMAs, and training. It all comes right out of the box and it already fits your business. If you sell components we have a tool that makes the sales process transparent and keeps everyone up to date on where the business stands no matter how you want to cut the information.

Generic CRM doesn’t Meet Expectations – 70% of Users are Disappointed
  • Forecasting is a snap with automated forecasting tools to help sales get it into the system easily and know the history, and outlook based on the latest customer data.
  • Planning and operations support is seamlessly provided
  • You can focus on selling and not feeding the data monster or doing endless reviews with management while they try to find out what is going on.

We will prepare a free demo using your data and information and will show you how we can get you converted to a CRM platform that works for you and your team in 30 days in a free implementation offering from NEHANET.

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