Revenue Cycle Management builds on the advanced CRM platform delivered by NEHANET by integrating it with Revenue Cycle Management requirements — creating a complete end-to-end Business Management Solution. Features include:

Global Pricing management

  • Pricing rules
  • Price lists for different situations
  • Quote automation and margin analysis and optimization

Revenue improvement

  • Optimizing contract compliance
  • Controlling discounts and channel pricing
  • Tracking opportunity to contract to demand
  • Optimizing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
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Channel Management

  • Design registration control
  • Ship and debit validation
  • Price Protection management
  • Stock rotation management
  • Integrated channel sales into sales data for forecasting and management

Integration with sales business process management system

  • Complete information access and control
  • Eliminate duplicate opportunities and double counting
  • Optimize opportunity transfers across regions and customers
  • Build comprehensive forecasts across supply chain
  • Global account and opportunity management

Reduce revenue leakage

  • Control regional and channel price concessions
  • Reduce incentive and discount errors

Contract Management

  • Centralized contract repository
  • Contract redlining and negotiation history management

Contract – Quote – Price management

  • Configuration and pricing rules
  • Margin optimization visibility in negotiation process
  • Streamlined pre approved contract templates and clauses
  • Opportunity to quote to contract to demand optimization

Revenue Cycle Management is embedded in the Business Management Solution offered by NEHANET that includes every phase of the business process from leads and opportunity discovery to orders, inventory, margins and shipment. Building quotes and contracts are supported end-to-end, making the process effective and efficient no matter where the business is taking place or how the customer tries to find a better deal.

Time to win the contract is critical to success and the NEHANET Business Management Solution makes it easier to manage the entire sales process.