Choosing the Right CRM

Forecasting – Nightmare or Competitive Advantage?

It is forecasting one of those things that you must do but always ends up being a source of many discussions about why it is what it is. Today, making an accurate forecast is even more challenging because the market is so confused. If you are trying to do it with complex excel spreadsheets, [...]

Forecasting – Nightmare or Competitive Advantage?2020-09-04T10:12:43-08:30

Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW

No matter where you are in the company’s management team, you need to be able to make decisions, take actions, and set priorities with an eye constantly on “MAXIMIZING REVENUE AND PROFITABILITY”. With the market constantly changing, competitors driving you crazy team members trying to make their part of the puzzle better, and the [...]

Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW2020-08-14T08:19:12-08:30

Get the ROI you should from your CRM Solution

CRM is expensive - you have to pay software licenses AND your people have to spend a lot of time feeding it. What do you think the ROI is on this investment? CRM offers a way to set financial outcomes you should be able to achieve with a world class sales process management system [...]

Get the ROI you should from your CRM Solution2020-08-05T09:19:49-08:30

Generic CRM doesn’t Meet Expectations – 70% of Users are Disappointed

Most CRM platforms available in the market are generic tools structured to fit a broad group of markets and potential customers. As a result, they have some of what you want but they take a lot of customization to get them to really do what you need. The vendors charge you to try to make [...]

Generic CRM doesn’t Meet Expectations – 70% of Users are Disappointed2020-07-09T23:20:14-08:30

Data, Data, Data – But Is It Telling You What You Need To Know?

Studies have shown that even though a lot of companies have a drive to capture data about their business and use it to figure out what to do, more than half of their executives and leaders are not able to access and use the data even though they have a lot of tools and [...]

Data, Data, Data – But Is It Telling You What You Need To Know?2020-05-28T08:15:19-08:30

The 5 Key Parts to the AOP Planning Process

Everyone starts building a plan for the new year by the end of the third quarter -- usually with a groan and some amount of trepidation as they look forward to hours and hours of presentations, spreadsheets, negotiations, justifications and often heated discussions. The process is usually not well-structured, with parts of the organization [...]

The 5 Key Parts to the AOP Planning Process2020-03-10T05:39:57-08:30

Secrets to a Successful CRM Implementation

The CRM Value-Add The Issue: Organizations often lack an ongoing master data management strategy, with poorly documented,inefficient or fragmented customer-facing processes, and change them frequently in response to customer demand. Customers have poor experiences because their functionally fragmented processes fail to deliver a seamless macro process. The Solution: CRM demands that the organization takes [...]

Secrets to a Successful CRM Implementation2020-02-25T05:18:35-08:30

Drive your Company’s Growth with Revenue Cycle Management from NEHANET

Revenue Cycle Management builds on the advanced CRM platform delivered by NEHANET by integrating it with Revenue Cycle Management requirements -- creating a complete end-to-end Business Management Solution. Features include: Global Pricing management Pricing rules Price lists for different situations Quote automation and margin analysis and optimization Revenue improvement Optimizing contract compliance Controlling [...]

Drive your Company’s Growth with Revenue Cycle Management from NEHANET2019-10-25T06:46:35-08:30

Why Your Opportunity Management Isn’t Effective

If you have an opportunity tracking system, one of the things you need to do is to get salespeople to input opportunities so you can track what is going and build some kind of outlook about what to expect in the future as a result of all the sales activity taking place. [...]

Why Your Opportunity Management Isn’t Effective2019-08-29T00:56:36-08:30

How Will AI Make Your Business Smarter?

Harnessing the power of AI opens a world of opportunities for increased effectiveness. With AI-powered CRM, you will: Help create forecasts for your sales or marketing campaigns Improve customer engagement Improve your sales predictions Promote business effectiveness via predictive analysis Improve time-intensive documentation Specifically, AI-integrated CRM will introduce or enhance the [...]

How Will AI Make Your Business Smarter?2019-01-08T09:40:00-08:30