A lot has changed since NEHANET started building its CRM solution 17 years ago. The explosion of big data and computer systems to turn information into action has changed the market and customer expectations more than we could have ever imagined when we started. But what does that mean for your business — and will you turn it into a competitive advantage that will make a difference?

More and more, we see clients needing to understand the data they have, turn it all into actions, and get people working on executing a plan to win instead of worrying about how to get the data and make it accurate.  Think about forecasting: if you had a good forecast that was updated as time went on (not at the end of the month), you could make business decisions with the confidence that you were not making a mistake. We see the market moving away from buying software packages and struggling to get everyone to use them effectively, and moving more and more toward a more specialized service solution.

Don’t Keep Struggling with CRM – Sales Operations as a Service is the Future

Enter SOaaS: a service solution that provides all the functional needs of a sales organization and turns the data sales finds into meaningful information streams. It feeds each part of the organization what it needs to make good business decisions in a continuous process that reflects the real-time situation with customers, programs, people, markets, competitors, and strategies.

Such a solution also turns information into action team support for sales to define what they need to win, lay out business closure strategies and get the support to drive success that sales needs.  By getting everyone focused on how to win, you drive success much faster and improve your chance to beat the competition and close the business. You will also be much more responsive to changes with the customer, with the competition, and with other factors that can impact the business.

Sales Operations as a Service (SOaaS) is the new way to turn sales information into real financial results.

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