Over the past year, we have worked with or consulted with well over one hundred Sales VPs in the semiconductor and components industries. As part of our daily process, we decided to start an informal survey on what was most important to them in considering a CRM or other software solution. This information was collected either through direct questioning or anecdotal data. Below are the top 10 responses: (used our judgement on aggregating responses into following categories)

Top 10 Issues Sales VPs Think Need to be Fixed

As we expected, based on the role and responsibilities, the focus is on improving results with a slant towards strategic as opposed to tactical processes. It was a little surprising and refreshing that we did not hear more venting regarding specific processes such as “our quoting process is a disaster”, “we need to service our customers better”, “forecasting takes too much time”, “I need to track my pipeline better”, etc. It was great being able to keep the discussions at a higher level and gain an understanding of the destination as opposed to specific impediments of the journey.

Assuming the Sales VPs have a good insight into what needs to be changed to improve results, the next step is to figure out how we can help them solve these high level problems and deliver the results you need. There are many disconnected solutions to parts of these issues but trying to find what works and bolt it all together to make a complete sales process that works is a significant problem. CRM, Business Process Management business intelligence solutions, sales process management, training, and metrics and analytics are all part of the things that the organization needs. NEHANET has a comprehensive integrated solution that takes CRM to the next level driving processes and actions that work together to solve all of these issues in a tightly integrated solution that commits to deliver results.

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