Generic CRMs can be made to work but the hidden costs kill your plans. There are alternatives to generic CRM systems and some, like NEHANET, are specifically designed for the electronic component manufacturing industry. That choice will set your destiny, both can work, one costs less and is easier to implement. The first thing you need to consider if you are looking at a new CRM solution or if you are trying to find one that works better for your business is whether to look for a CRM solution built specifically for your industry or look at the big-name generic CRM solutions. If you are part of the electronic component industry, finding the right CRM solution can be a complicated evaluation that can often lead you to a generic solution that will cost you an arm and a leg to make work in your business. 

We see component manufacturers all the time who have implemented a generic solution and then they struggle to get to work in a way that fits their business processes. While they might have gotten it to work it takes consultants, lots of time, and money to customize it. On top of all this, they always have to pay for a bunch of add-ons, often from third parties, to make it do what they need.

If you look at a generic CRM as an electronic component manufacturer what you see is that they never talk about your business as an industry. The closest you can get is in their manufacturing industry segment which is missing a lot of what you need to make the system work for you. Electronic component manufacturing is just not the same as other generic manufacturing industries. It takes a quite different approach than that used for manufacturing doors, or automobiles, or telecom systems. You have to deal with customers with complex buying processes, run-rate business demands, complex supply chains covering contract manufacturers in Asia, distributors, reps, and demand cycles that are longer than your production lead times.

Looking through one of the leaders’ programs, you will quickly see that you will need to implement a lot of add-ins that add significant cost to your implementation. Every add-in makes the buying process more complex with another supplier and contract and more expensive.

When your CRM is built to manage a sales process that is centralized and able to track a sale for a single system in a buying process that is one big sales event you will just struggle to understand and manage an electronic component sales process.

In our Industry, at NEHANET we consider electronic component manufacturing as our industry. You have a very complex sales process with many steps, a lot of technical interactions, pricing, and quoting that spans a long-time frame with run-rate production planning and detailed complex forecasting demands. Building a system that incorporates this complexity by customizing a generic sales tool takes a lot of work, time, and cost. But not at NEHANET!

The alternative is to adopt a sales management solution that is built specifically for the demands of an electronic manufacturer. NEHANET is exactly that. We have been providing sales solutions for this industry for over 20 years and the people working for us have over 100 years of combined experience in your industry. The system has 27 modules that can be added as needed that address all the complex demands of your business right out of the box. The easy stuff is the basic CRM processes – accounts, contacts, parts, opportunities – all the stuff that GENERIC CRM would have in their system.

The difference is with the addition of modules like:

  • Forecasting that builds from an opportunity and easily handles run rate demand forecasting, contract manufacturers, and global supply chains and sales channels.

  • Distribution Management with full end-to-end Ship and Debit processing, Claims management, Inventory management, POS, Price Protection, Accruals, and Quoting.

  • Design Registration tracking and approval to maximize channel business tracking and execution.

  • Contract Management including negotiations, performance to contract tracking, and package analytics for margin optimization.

  • Business cost and margin analytics and tracking.

  • Comprehensive Quoting for Direct, Distribution, or Rep sales channels with global currency exchange management tracking.

  • Deep Analytics with easy-to-use custom report wizards, and Power BI integration.

  • Commission calculation and tracking for full accounting management and reporting.

  • Sample management and follow-up.

  • RMA management and follow-up.

  • Business Rule engines create and execute business rules automatically in the system.

If you want to see a system built, optimized, and integrated from end to end to run an Electronic Component Manufacturing sales team you need to look at the NEHANET system. We have integrated our 20+ years of working with your industry and the thoughts and processes of countless customers in your business along with the over 100 Years of experience of our team in your industry. We make it easy to try, easy to use, and easy to get what you want right out of the box with our proven white-glove implementation process and our business strategy of letting you use what you need – and pay only for what you use.

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