NEHANET allows you to reconcile your Booking, Billing, Backlog (BBB) data to specific Opportunities. If you upload your BBB data into NEHANET, NEHANET will automatically attempt to reconcile it to a specific Opportunity for you using the following rules:

Reconciling Sales History (BBB) data to Opportunities

1. We auto-reconcile where we can (i.e. there is only one Opportunity for that Customer/Part). Here you will find the opportunity Name and ID column filled in the BBB report.

2. If there is more than one Opportunity for a particular Customer/Part, we mark the opportunity name as NONE-UR, so you know you need to manually reconcile the Sales Order to the right Opportunity. You need to do this only once and the system will remember it.

3. If there is No Opportunity for a particular Customer/Part, we mark it as NONE-CR, so you can create the Opportunity and the next time the migration runs, it will auto-reconcile or mark it as NONE-UR. You need to do this only once.

4. There is an Opportunity and a Forecast, but there is NO Sales Order for that Opportunity. These are flagged as NONE, since when the migration runs, we have no Sales order for these Opportunities.

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