You need an ERP system to manage the order-operations-finance system, but while you are in the growth stage you don’t really need a separate, expensive software package to get the results you need.

When you are trying to grow a new business, keeping costs under control while managing all the complicated business processes is a real challenge. Even before you have products in the market, you need to set up a system to manage build-orders for operations, and tie what operations is doing to the financial data so finance can balance the books.

Bringing on a separate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform can be a costly exercise. You would like to have it be an integrated part of the business processes in the company so you can avoid costly errors right when you can least afford them. Basic ERP systems that allow you to track orders, inventory, manufacturing build requests, shipments sometimes gets done in excel but that quickly runs out of steam. You need a solution that feeds your financial system, drives what gets built, and keeps everything under control with the proper business rules and approvals to make sure costs don’t get away from you in this critical stage.

Mini ERP – How to build an ERP system that grows as you grow

NEHANET offers an alternative to do-it-yourself solutions that is very effective and inexpensive. We have built a mini-ERP system onto the back of our CRM business management solution. It captures orders and manufacturing build requests to drive effective cost control and inventory management. Instead of implementing a separate expensive software tool to handle all the processes that are part of an ERP system and then later adding a sales process management CRM tool, we offer a scalable complete solution starting with mini-ERP modules and expanding later as needed to support all the sales and channel management capabilities you will need when the growth starts to take off.

Instead of living with excel or buying a new tool, give us a call to find out how our mini-ERP solution can solve your business issues and set up a system that grows with your needs without breaking the bank.

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