Whether your part of the Executive team or the Sales and Marketing team, today’s market conditions have probably thrown a monkey wrench into your goals for the rest of the year.  In just a couple of months, you are going to have to decide whether or not next year is going to recover or just stumble along.

Revenue management is hard in the best of times but these days you have to try to figure out what is going to happen with confusing customer data and distracted employees who can’t do what they normally do to deliver sales and provide information to allow management to effectively plan for the future.

Having Trouble Delivering Your Revenue Goal This Year - You're Not Alone!
  • There are too many surprises and they need to get a better insight into what customers are doing.

  • They have to spend way too much time tracking down information usually with a series of discussions, meetings, or system interrogations that all take time and often yield confusing results.

  • Having to make decisions and set priorities with incomplete data.

When you have disconnected systems to try to manage complex business processes the results are going to leave something to be desired. When the market gets very unpredictable, as it has now with the COVID-19 market collapse, it gets even harder to get business insights that you can depend on. Sales teams try to deal with rapidly expanding product catalogs, complex pricing strategies implemented globally through a variety of sales channels using direct salespeople for strategic customers, reps and distributors for the rest of the market and keeping track of complex programs executed globally with contract manufacturers spread out all over the world. Disconnected tools, complex spreadsheets, and point solution commercial applications make it almost impossible in the best of times and out of the question when the market is disrupted.

The answer is to find a set of business management tools that are specifically developed for the market you are in and that work across all the parts of the business workflow from sales to marketing to manufacturing to management. At NEHANET, we have built just such a solution for the electronic component manufacturing marketplace. We integrate an answer to this market that:

  • Offers a comprehensive ERP solution to drive manufacturing or seamlessly integrates with your current ERP solution so everything that happens after you accept an order is available to the team interfacing with the customer all the time.
  • Provides a sophisticated CRM solution to manage all the sales processes from leads to new business opportunities, to samples, and RMAs, to strategic customer planning and AOP development.
  • Integrates with the marketing team to provide sophisticated campaign management solutions, lead development and tracking, product catalog management, and training program development and tracking.
  • Bridges all the complex processes to manage channel partners with quoting, design registrations, and ship and debit management solutions to simplify and optimize channel partner’s activities whether they are distributors, Reps, or VARs.
  • Provides simple forecasting tools to bridge what has happened historically with what the potential future business opportunities are so you can get out of spreadsheet hell and have a forecast you can depend on.
  • Optimize profitability by capturing the cost and margin potential of every business decision you are making with linkage to financial cost information when doing pricing, quotes, and setting business investment priorities.
  • Have analytic tools to see what is happening, where the opportunities and problems are, and define activities to drive the team actions to optimize the business.

The goal of the NEHANET revenue cycle management solutions to give you the information you need to optimize your business and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By integrating a workflow toolset optimized for the electronic component market we can provide real insights you can take advantage of and provide measurable benefits your organization can depend on.

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