You can easily access the data in NEHANET from a mobile device (Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc). When you access NEHANET from a mobile device, we will direct you to a mobile version of the application which has:

Go Mobile with NEHANET Mobile
  • Quick Create: gives you a list of the modules configured for Mobile Access. Selecting a module takes you to the create page where you can quickly and easily add a new contact, account, activity etc.  The create page will be presented in a linear form from top to bottom to fit the phone form factor.
  • Global search: allows you to quickly look up a record without navigating too many tabs. Once you enter a search term and hit go, you will get back a list of records matching your search criteria. Clicking on a search result will take you to the edit page for that record. The edit page will list all the fields in a linear form from top to bottom to fit the phone form factor. You can then make changes to the record and save.
  • Module Links: for the modules you deployed online (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Call Reports etc) are displayed on the Mobile Home Page. Clicking a link gives you a list of all the data for that module based on your security settings. You can easily edit or delete any object from the data page.

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