Most of the suppliers in the electronic components market -- semiconductors, passive, boards, equipment -- use manufacturer’s representatives or distributors to access more customers with limited direct sales investment.

Reps tend to be localized in a specific region and so know the culture and business processes that get used by your potential the customers. A rep channel gives you access to new markets and geographies, and the prospects and contacts therein. In this market it makes sense to take advantage of the relationships these local sales teams are able to develop in their region as they try to sell many kinds of components and services to a broad range of customers.  

With all the advantages reps bring to the sales process, they also bring increased complexity and different motivational issues that can make your use of reps successful or a continuous problem.

Effectively Gathering and Managing Information from your Rep Network
  • Reps are commission driven, and without an effective system to manage the business complexities as companies have design teams in one place, purchasing in another place with manufacturing done by contract manufacturers, and management possibly being in yet another place.  

  • Reps might be involved in all these customer interactions along with your sales manager who tries to keep track of it all and keep the reps focused on making the business a success. Making this all work effectively given the commission-based rep compensation process is complicated and can make a big difference as you build the business.

To make it easy to track what your reps are doing, NEHANET offers a low-cost Rep Portal so your reps can enter information and keep track of their business in your system.

Capturing business opportunities and organizing sales teams for an opportunity across sales regions channel partners can be done at the opportunity entry level, with each member of the team able to see what is happening and what the customer situation is. When there is a customer meeting or discussion your reps can capture notes in the opportunity or log a Customer Trip/Visit Report that is tied to the opportunity letting everyone see what was said and what the issues a activities are to close the business. The Rep or RSM creates a call report. Region, Role or Account-based notification rules make sure that all who need to know get a copy of the email and are kept up-to-date.

Since Call Reports are archived, and associated with customers or opportunities, everyone who needs to will be able to see what happened in the visit no matter what happens — if an employee quits, a rep is terminated, or if the design moves from the design region to the production region. Effective use of call reports along with a good sales opportunity tracking solution as implemented by the NEHANET CRM solution can help you keep on top of what reps are doing and what needs to get done to close the business.

  • The big challenge with Reps is making sure you are getting the mindshare you need as they talk with customers and identify new business opportunities. The NEHANET Rep management solution lets you stay on top of what is going on and help your reps work efficiently to close the business.

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