CRM “Customer Relationship Management” systems are an excellent way to help you manage sales, marketing, and services processes and information flow relating to customers, contacts and opportunities. However, one area that is consistently underserved is recognizing that most customer interactions consist largely of email-driven communications between multiple people in your organization and the customer’s organization. If your CRM system does not provide a method for capturing and linking this email communication to your account, contacts, or opportunities then you are missing a large percentage and often the most timely and relevant information about your customer relationships.

Capturing Customer Communications therefore is an essential part of Customer Relationship Management.

A Key for Customer Relationship Management is Total Communication Management

NEHANET, the leader in specialized CRM systems, solves this problem for the most popular email client today, Microsoft Outlook, by allowing you to tag and associate email with the appropriate business process. For example, all emails, to or from any registered user, relating to a specific opportunity can be associated with that opportunity. Emails associated with a particular contact, quote, sample request, design registration, RMA, problem escalation etc., can be associated with that particular item within that specific process and can be accessed later, directly from within the CRM. In addition, NEHANET’s secure access automatically ensures that only the right people see these archived communications.

Now, using a single click, you can access all relevant customer information and email communications in the CRM system.  A new sales director or sales manager will easily see all the emails for the accounts in his region, the contacts at those accounts, and the opportunities, quotes etc for those accounts. You will no longer have to search through old email accounts trying to find lost communications, or even worse have your customer pull out an email that you didn’t know existed and ask you if you know about it.

Sending and forwarding emails from the NEHANET CRM system is straightforward. Click on the email link and send a new email from Outlook or simply open an archived email and forward it. Similarly synchronizing non-private contacts from your Outlook client is straightforward.

Are 50% or more of your customer communications stuck in Outlook? Let NEHANET show you a better way.

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