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The Complexities that Come with Rep Management

Reps tend to be localized in a specific region and so know the culture and business processes that get used by your potential the customers. A rep channel gives you access to new markets and geographies, and the prospects and contacts therein. In this market it makes sense to take advantage of [...]

The Complexities that Come with Rep Management2021-12-06T07:39:42-08:30

Effectively Identify New Market Opportunities

This topic, from the list of Top 10 areas of improvement from the VP of Sales study for the semiconductor and component industries, is an aggregation of a number of like responses and included identifying new opportunities within current markets and identifying new markets where current success can be duplicated. I combined them together as [...]

Effectively Identify New Market Opportunities2021-12-06T08:13:42-08:30

How to Improve your Win/Loss Ratio

Number 6 on the list of improvement goals from survey of VP of Sales in the Semiconductor and Component industries is improving the win/loss ratio. Definitely, a critical goal needed for improving efficiency and productivity in these lean times. The consistent themes I gained from discussions and other research on this issue are summarized below: [...]

How to Improve your Win/Loss Ratio2021-11-15T08:51:11-08:30

The 5 Critical Steps to take Before Investing in a CRM System

There is so much focus on sales processes and selling that I thought it would be nice to take a break and look at the sales cycle from the buyer’s perspective instead. Buying a CRM system (or other BPM system) can be a confusing and often frustrating task. So many options, too many promises, and no [...]

The 5 Critical Steps to take Before Investing in a CRM System2021-11-10T09:09:50-08:30

The 3 Critical Steps to Improving Forecast Accuracy

Improving forecast accuracy was the number one issue identified in my VP of sales survey.  While there are many other aspects of forecasting that are equally as critical, we will focus simply on the accuracy aspect here. Done right, there is no reason that forecast accuracy can’t be  improved by at least 30%.  Let me show you [...]

The 3 Critical Steps to Improving Forecast Accuracy2021-11-08T08:59:43-08:30

Find Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities – and Book Them!

Finding and capitalizing on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities is a common frustration, so it was not a surprise that it landed in the top 10 list of areas that VPs of Sales in the semiconductor and component industries wanted their organizations to improve upon. One of the key issues I discovered in researching this [...]

Find Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities – and Book Them!2021-11-01T08:05:44-08:30

Are You Evaluating Leads Effectively?

Marketing works hard to build market awareness, make business developments and new products visible to customers, and manage the external communications programs so critical to building a successful company. One of the difficult problems the management team struggles with is making sure the leads that marketing identifies get handled efficiently and turned [...]

Are You Evaluating Leads Effectively?2021-10-27T07:24:46-08:30

Rules, Rules, and More Rules…

The right business rules engine can make all the difference in a successful implementation that mirrors closely to your existing processes. Any business process is driven by a set of rules -- if a customer is on credit hold do not accept new orders, move accounts from one salesperson to another, check [...]

Rules, Rules, and More Rules…2021-10-18T07:20:05-08:30

How to Identify the Strengths & Weaknesses within your Sales Process

Ah, THE SALES PROCESS, my favorite subject. I was glad this made number 10 on the survey list or I may have had to change this blog theme to the top 12 or top 18 to ensure it was included. Now the challenge of keeping it short! In an earlier blog in this series, Accelerating [...]

How to Identify the Strengths & Weaknesses within your Sales Process2021-10-13T08:07:57-08:30

Forecast made easy- Integrating with ERP/MRP to pull in shipments and backlog

NEHANET is integrated with many leading ERP/MRP solutions including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Tensoft, Consona and others. Integrating NEHANET with your ERP is usually straightforward, and adds significant value to your operations. We typically pull in the following information from your ERP: parts master, customer master, actuals (shipments), backlog (requested, committed, delinquent, unscheduled), bookings and risk [...]

Forecast made easy- Integrating with ERP/MRP to pull in shipments and backlog2021-09-26T19:56:40-08:30