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Effectively Identify New Market Opportunities

Effectively identifying new market opportunities, from the list of Top 10 areas of improvement from the VP of Sales study for the semiconductor and component industries, is an aggregation of a number of like responses and included identifying new opportunities within current markets and identifying new markets where current success can be duplicated. I combined them together as both relate to taking advantage of information in a current CRM system to create new opportunities.

  • What are the key attributes of markets you are successful in?

  • Are they new markets with little competition or mature markets with high competition? 

  • Are they markets experiencing high growth or steady decline? 

  • Markets experiencing a growth in the number of suppliers or supplier mergers? 

In the following article, I’ll delve deeper into the Miller Heiman technique of ranking prospective accounts by key attributes derived from your most successful customers. 

Effectively Identify New Market Opportunities