With today’s data analytics and with new AI computing capabilities, our Business Management Solution now goes beyond capturing business data and providing Information Analytics to help you achieve better financial outcomes. The addition of our new AI-driven Lead and Contact Scoring allows you to focus on the highest potential Leads and Contacts to drive new business faster. Looking at historical relationships, industry data, and Customer and Best Practices information, the Lead and Contact Scoring takes the guesswork out of the process of identifying new places to sell and helps steer your focus towards the ones that have the best chance of delivering results.

AI-Driven Lead and Contact Scoring from NEHANET

AI is becoming an important technology to drive more effective and efficient Business Management Processes, and NEHANET is taking the lead in applying it to the various sales workflow processes — starting with identifying the best lead and contacts to target to get the sales process underway.

“NEHANET has been developing Artificial Intelligence as a tool in our arsenal to continue to add value to the Business Management process of our clients. We are excited to roll out the first stage of this capability. AI is a powerful addition to our capabilities and we expect to see it continue to help us deliver financial outcomes that make a real difference for our customers.“ said NEHANET CEO Ankur Sharma.

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