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The Complexities that Come with Rep Management

Most of the suppliers in the electronic components market — semiconductors, passive, boards, equipment — use manufacturer’s representatives or distributors to access more customers with limited direct sales investment.

Reps tend to be localized in a specific region and so know the culture and business processes that get used by your potential the customers. A rep channel gives you access to new markets and geographies, and the prospects and contacts therein. In this market it makes sense to take advantage of therelationships these local sales teams are able to develop in their region as they try to sell many kinds of components and services to a broad range of customers.

With all the advantages reps bring to the sales process, they also bring increased complexity and different motivational issues that can make your use of reps successful or a continuous problem. Continue reading to learn the 5 most common issues associated with rep management — and how to solve them.

Effectively Gathering and Managing Information from your Rep Network