NEHANET Corporation

Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW

  • Make Better Decisions based on Accurate Reports and Up-to-date Data
  • Drive Margins through Increased Forecast Accuracy
  • Drive Margins Through Improved Quoting, Debits and Price Management
  • Drive Productivity and Motivation by reducing manual spreadsheet tasks

Do you need to:

  • Track engineered/designed-in products sold to OEMs
  • Track opportunities across design/production locations, ODMs & CMs
  • Track transfer business
  • Manage billing/constrained billing run rate forecasts
  • Manage Disti Cost, DPAs and POS
  • Manage Manufacturer’s Reps effectively
  • Have a system that is available offline for security and convenience

Learn how you can do so TODAY.

Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW