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Avoid a Critical Mistake : Make Sure you Pick the Right CRM system

In my last blog, CRMs are about Business Process Management, I implied that without strong internal business processes, CRM implementations are doomed to fail, leading to the 55% to 70% failure rate reported by industry experts. Today I’ll dive deeper into this claim.

Let’s start by looking at Opportunity tracking — simple enough. You have to know the value of the opportunity, when it will close, where it is in the sales process, and what the likelihood is that you’ll win (confidence percentage). But what if:

  • You need to integrate details of your current sales process that has proven successful.
  • You want to integrate external sales partners (reps, distributors, integrators) at the opportunity level.
  • You have multiple products/services in a single opportunity and want to track their status separately.
  • You need to tie quotes, forecasts, registrations, specifications, statements of work, proposals, design splits, ship and debits to an opportunity.

Can the CRM you are considering handle these critical issues? More importantly, did you think about asking these questions? My experience is that customers typically do not give consideration to these details.

To pick the right CRM, you need to start by asking the right questions. Continue reading about the most critical shortcomings in CRM systems — and how you can work around them.